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Problemas XC90

Se trata de un resumen de un post de sweedspeed sobre problemillas que gente basicamente ...

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    Predeterminado Problemas XC90

    Se trata de un resumen de un post de sweedspeed sobre problemillas que gente basicamente en USA y UK ha tenido con el XC90. En principio lo pongo en ingles.............a ver si alguien ha tenido problemas similares.

    2004 2.5T awd - major problems thus far
    1. Steering rack replaced - 16K
    2. Front brake pads for excessive winter noise - 16K
    3. Chrome trim for fading and discoloration - 39k
    4. Both front ball joints for front end noise - 39k
    5. Broken seat mechanism passenger side 2nd row seat - 39k
    6. Wiper arm recall
    7. several other minor recalls
    8. Interior compartment fan circulation fan noise - forgot to have them look at this, more to follow
    At 39k - Still original tires, rear brakes, exhaust, no major engine or tranny problems. For the most part reliability problems center more around body / trim.

    Only recall work done with the exception of excessive rust on the rear rotors during winter. R&R under warranty.
    I do have the V8's tranny shift delay problem which is a safety issue for me, when I press the accelerator, I expect the car to go. Currently looking for a reliable repair dealer in the SoCal/South Bay area to have them update the tranny s/w.
    Other than that, the car has been quite solid and we all still love it.

    2005 XC90 V8
    1. Trim on passenger door sill continually popping off - clips replaced at 6K miles
    2. Trim again popping off. Clips replaced at 15K mile service. B terminal on battery checked per recall.
    3. Constant humming noise heard while driving. Right rear bearing seized. New axle installed. Rear seat entertainment system not operational. DVD system replaced. Trim still popping off at door sill plate. Trim replaced - 16K miles.
    4. Tie rods replaced per recall. Intermittent front end clunking noise not remedied by replacing tie rod. - 20 K miles.
    5. Power passenger's window faulty. When window reaches door frame it automatically reopens and goes back down. - 30K miles

    2004 2.5 AWD
    67k miles and counting

    Daily commuter
    0 Reliability issues
    Brakes done at 45k miles
    Still on original tires, not yet to the wear bars.

    2004 XC 90 T6 24,600 miles used like a SUV - towing, hauling and off-road, still like new with no problems, steering rack recall, original tires and brakes.
    (and 2004 XC 70 22,600 miles, no problems).

    Y os dejo el link del post entero.

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