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los británicos sobre los V50


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    Predeterminado los británicos sobre los V50

    CortesÃ*a de Top Gear (bueno, donde pone "cortesÃ*a", sustitúyase por "vilmente mangado", pero es que no tengo el vÃ*nculo a mano )
    Creo que lo puesto en negrita se entiende bien, y si no, luego traduzco:

    "The tapered nose with jewel-effect headlamps give the car a distinctive and classy look, while at the back there are the trademark vertically stacked lights. The proportions are also perfect, with the V50 a couple of inches wider than the old V40, which has allowed a much wider track. That gives it a squat, purposeful stance.

    A slight reduction in length, combined with a three-inch increase in wheelbase, means it's much more composed than the old car. In true lifestyle estate fashion, the roofline tapers off towards the rear and that ensures the load bay is never quite as spacious as you want it to be - but it sure looks nice.

    Inside, there's a strange blend of the conservative and the radical, but the key thing is that the quality is on a par with the car's German rivals. The dash, along with most of the rest of the trim, is as understated as you would expect but, for some reason, one of the choices for the door trim and centre console is transparent tinted plastic.

    Oddly enough, Volvo hasn't named this option 'transparent tinted plastic', choosing instead to give it the moniker, Iced-Aqua. If your pen is hovering around the Iced-Aqua box on the order sheet, don't tick it because you think it sounds cool - you'll regret it until the day you offload the car. For God's sake, opt for aluminium instead.

    Being a Volvo, if you're planning to have a prang in your new car, the V50 will probably be one of the best cars in which to have it. As well as the usual WHIPS (whiplash protection system), SIPS (side impact protection system) and multiple crumple zones, there's a bodyshell that's far stiffer than the out-going V40's.

    So as well as being safer in a crash, it's also much better to drive as it's so much tauter. Even on rubbish roads, the ride remains very composed, without a hint of crashiness.

    Once the V50 range is complete (late Summer), there will be a choice of 1.8- and 2.4-litre petrol engines, in 125bhp and 170bhp flavours respectively. If economy is your thing, you'll be wanting the two-litre oil-burner. And if you don't get out of bed for less than 220bhp, you're in luck, because there's a T5 in the V50 range.
    Whereas the old T4 was unruly in the dry (and even worse in the wet), the new one comes with the option of Haldex drive to all four wheels (the same kind of thing that's in the Audi TT quattro), or with front-wheel drive only.

    There's a good chance that in the V50 range the oil-burner will be the best option - unless you really don't care about fuel consumption, in which case it'll be the T5 AWD.

    Although £25,963 is a lot to find for a small estate, the T5 AWD package you get in return lacks nothing. As well as an impressive kit count, there's as much power on tap as you'll ever need in the real world. That's why it's important to opt for your T5 power to be fed to both ends - chicken out and take the front-drive only option and you'll be replacing the front tyres every other week.

    Whatever speed you drive the V50 at, both road and wind noise are kept to an impressive minimum. But give the T5 some gas and the five-cylinder engine gives a guttural roar, despite the weedy exhausts poking out from under the rear valance. For something that's supposed to represent the sporty option, Volvo could have made a bit more effort with that back end detailing.

    Press on and the reserves of grip are more than enough, unless you're verging on the criminally insane. The nose pushes predictably wide if provoked, but the brakes are hugely capable and, with electronic aids everywhere, the car should keep you out of trouble.

    Despite the T5 engine being turbocharged, the power delivery is linear, and, as you punch through each of the six ratios, the speed builds while the car continues to feel stable and reassuring - those dimensional revisions really make themselves felt.

    Volvo claims that all this comes at a price lower than any of its rivals; the entry-level 1.8 will start at £17,363 when it arrives later this summer, while the range will initially kick off with the £19,838 2.4 and the front-wheel-drive T5 in April. The diesel doesn't appear until early Summer, and the T5 AWD arrives even later. That means the two best cars will be the last to turn up. But they should be worth the wait.

    Richard Dredge"

    Me ha parecido curioso, cuanto menos.
    Hale, que me tengo que pirar

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    Predeterminado Re: los británicos sobre los V50

    donde has encontrado esta prueba - comentarios de los V50, veo que dices en top gear pero no lo encuentro.... menos mal que ponen a mi V50 T5 AWD bien....


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    Predeterminado Re: los británicos sobre los V50

    Lo mas curioso es lo del ruido aerodinamico y de rodadura. A mi me parece excesivo, pero en todos los articulos que he leido sobre los s40/v50 en revistas lo han puesto bastante bien. Igual soy yo.
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    Predeterminado Re: los británicos sobre los V50

    A mi me pasa lo mismo, y ahora aqui en la isla estan poniendo un asfalto que hace mucho ruido y la verdad que molesta un poco y me quedo sorpendido cuando veo lo vien que lo dejan, asi que no eres el unico, incluso en alguna comparativa mejor que otros coches como audo y bmw pero no en calidad de ruido si no en db.

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    Predeterminado Re: los británicos sobre los V50

    Cierto, mucho ruido aerodinamico, en las puertas, a veces parece que llevas la ventanilla bajada y no...

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    Predeterminado Re: los británicos sobre los V50

    yo detecté más ruido en las ventanillas de los S40 que en las de los V50. Curioso

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