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transmision failure

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por - 16/01/2011 a las 06:51 (1505 Visitas)
Good day I need an expert East

I have a Volvo S40 T5 2007, I have the problem that in my city there is no nearest Volvo dealer and I had a small flaw which is a beating especially when I'm coming to a stop light or when entering the second, this does not do everything time, it is only temporary.
A mechanic told me that your scanner will only generic framework p0007 code which appears to be a "fuel cutoff valve signal high" but did not know where this valve is located or whether it generally is causing this failure, because apparently not only no fault code transmission.
On the other hand, a transmission specialist told me that either your scanner tells you some code but that his experience tells him are the solenoid slu, slt, sls of the transmission (aw55-50/sn)

If someone can guide me please help me ... thanks to all [email][/email]

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